Quality of Education

Quality of education, which has until recently been relatively neglected in the international discourse, is gaining greater attention in many Member States. This follows increased access to education at all levels and yet a recognition of the worrying fact that many learners complete primary education without having acquired even basic literacy and numeracy skills. A diverse policy challenge, this area of work covers a wide range of policy domains, including curriculum, pedagogy, teacher policies and particularly assessment (of both cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes).

  • NEQMAP Highlights from 2017: Research and Knowledge Sharing
  • NEQMAP’s 5th Steering Group & Annual Meeting
  • Don’t just blame the teacher when the system is at fault: Global Education Monitoring Report 2017/2018
  • Promoting Learner Happiness and Well-being
  • Happy Schools! A Framework for Learner Well-being in the Asia-Pacific

Latest Quality of Education

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Mar 25, 2016 - Apr 03, 2016