NEQMAP Members

NEQMAP Members



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1. Ministry of Education - Education Management Information System 
Focal Point: Mohammad Ismail Khattab, Director


2. Australian Council for Educational Research - Centre for Global Education Monitoring 
Focal Point: Petra Lietz, Principal Research Fellow

3. Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority
Focal Point: Robert Randall, Chief Executive Officer

4. JT Education Consulting Pty Ltd
Focal Point: Jim Tognolini, Director


5. Institute of Informatics and Development
Focal Point: Syeed Ahamed, CEO


6. Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessments 
Focal Point: Arjun Kumar Gurung, Education Monitoring Officer

7. Royal Education Council
Focal Point: Geewanath Sharma, Chief of Teacher Professional Development Division


8. Ministry of Education,Youth and Sport - Education Quality Assurance Department
Focal Point: Ung Chinna, Director


9. Secretariat of the Pacific Community - Educational Quality and Assessment Programme
Focal Point: Michelle Belisle, Director

Hong Kong SAR, China

10. Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment 
Focal Point: Esther Sui-Chu Ho, Director

11. Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority 
Focal Point: Chong-sze Tong, Secretary General

12. Hong Kong University of Education - Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit
Focal point: Maggie Yue Zhao, Director


13. Australian Council for Educational Research (India)
Focal point: Amit Kaushik, CEO

14. ASER Centre 
Focal Point: Suman Bhattacharjea, Director

15. Education Quality Foundation of India
Focal Point: Anjlee Prakash, Chairperson

16. CCLP Worldwide 
Focal Point: Vinod Singh, Vice Chairman

17. Indian Institute of Education
Focal Point: Jyoti Bawane, Associate Professor


18. SEAMEO Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Science 
Focal Point: Indarjani, Deputy Director for Programme


19. University of Tokyo - Graduate School of Education
Focal Point: Yuto Kitamura, Associate Professor


20. Ministry of Education and Sports - Education Quality Assurance Center 
Focal Point: Panya Chanthavong, Deputy Director

21. Ministry of Education and Sports - Research Institute for Educational Science
Focal Point: Khamchanh Latthanhot, Head of Evaluation Division

Korea, Republic of

22. Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
Focal Point: Jimin Cho, Vice President, Division of Global Education


23. Ministry of Education - Educational Planning and Research Division
Focal Point: Ahmed Rafee Che Kassim, Deputy Director

24. SEAMEO Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics
Focal Point: Miranda

25. Universiti Sains Malaysia - School of Educational Studies
Focal Point: Thien Lei Mee, Senior Lecturer 


26. Ministry of Education - Quality Assurance Department
Focal point: Nahuza Shareef, Education Officer


27. Ministry of Education,Culture and Science - Educational Evaluation Center
Focal Point: Gan-Erdene Jigjid, Director

28. Mongolian Academy of Educational Sciences
Focal Point: Begz Nadmid, President

29. Mongolian Institute of Educational Research
Focal Point: Otgonbaatar Khajidmaa, Researcher

30. Institute of Teacher's Professional Development
Focal Point: Oyuntungalag Orsoo, Deputy Director


31. Ministry of Education - Department of Myanmar Examinations
Focal Point: Aung Htike, Deputy Director General


32. Educational and Developmental Service Centre 
Focal Point: Tirth Raj Khaniya, Technical Person

33. Ministry of Education - Education Review Office
Focal Point: Lekha Poudel, Joint Secretary


34. Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training - National Education Assessment System
Focal Point: Syed Kamal-Ud-Din, Director

35. Idara e Taleem o Agahi (ITA) / Centre for Education and Consciousness
Focal Point: Saba Saeed, Research Associate

Papua New Guinea

36. Department of Education, Measurement Services Division
Focal point: Packiam Arulappan, Assistant Secretary


37. Department of Education - Bureau of Education Assessment
Focal Point: Nelia V. Benito, Director IV

38. Global Resources for Assessment Curriculum and Evaluation, Inc. 
Focal Point: Noel A. De Leon, Executive Vice President

39. Inno-Change International Consultants, Inc.
Focal Point: Sharif Ul Alam, Managing Director & CEO

Russian Federation

40. Eurasian Association for Educational Assessment 
Focal Point: Ivan Nikitin, Executive Secretary


41. NIE-NTU - Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group 
Focal Point: Wei Shin Leong, Assistant Professor


42. University of Colombo - National Education Research and Evaluation Centre
Focal Point: Marie Perera, Director


43. National Institute of Educational Testing Service 
Focal Point: Sirida Burachat, Assistant Professor


44. Vietnam Institute of Education Sciences - Research Center for Education Outcomes Assessment
Focal Point: Nguyen Duc Minh, Vice Director General

45. Ministry of Education and Training - Center for Education Quality Evaluation
Focal Point: Le Thi My Ha, Director



46. Cito B.V. Institute for Educational Measurement, Netherland
Focal point: Frans Kleintjes, Director Cito International

47. The GL Education Group
Focal Point: James Neill, International Director

48. International Association for Educational Assessment
Focal point: Randy Bennett, President


49. Vyjayanthi Sankar, Senior Consultant

50. S. Kanageswari Suppiah Shanmugam, Senior lecturer, Universiti Utara Malaysia