"Mekong" Cluster Office

"Mekong" Cluster Office

UNESCO Bangkok is the "Cluster Office" for the five Mekong countries of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PRD, Vietnam, as well as for Singapore. Cluster offices are a central component of UNESCO’s structure in the field, sitting between national offices/national commissions and regional bureaus. 

As Cluster Office for the "Mekong" countries and Singapore, UNESCO Bangkok covers all UNESCO's fields of competence: education, sciences, culture, communication and information. It is responsible for UNESCO's action directly in Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Singapore, and indirectly in support of UNESCO Country Offices in Hanoi and Phnom Penh.

While UNESCO’s work within the cluster generally emanates from Bangkok, this office is cognizant of the importance of relying on staff and partnerships in every cluster country. Across the different cluster countries this takes various forms. UNESCO Bangkok works closely with the National Commissions of all of these countries to ensure a strong working partnership, and as a means of maintaining close relationships with governments and civil society. 

In Thailand, UNESCO Bangkok acts as country office and coordinates all UNESCO's sectorial activities in the country. 

In Vietnam and Cambodia, UNESCO has established country offices. The Bangkok office has a supporting role, with the majority of UNESCO’s work going through the country offices. 

In Myanmar, UNESCO Bangkok has a Project Office in place, with eight temporary staff working under the suspervision of a Head of Project Office, and with coordination from Bangkok.

In Lao PDR, while UNESCO’s work is coordinated through Bangkok, there are a number of professional staff travelling to the country.


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