How and When to Apply

How and When to Apply

Each year, the Awards programme opens for entries on 31 January and closes for all submissions on 31 May. You can download the application forms HERE.

Entries for the Awards programme must be submitted to Culture Unit, UNESCO Bangkok by postage by 31 May, using an official entry form, a description of the project in the official format, drawings and photographs in hard and softcopy formats.

Winners will be announced in early September in the following categories: “Award of Excellence”, “Award of Distinction”, “Award of Merit”, “Honourable Mention” and “Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts”.

Site eligibility regulations were revised this year, reflecting a growing awareness in the conservation field of the need to recognize the importance of cultural heritage that is less than 50 years old. For both Conservation category and New Design in Heritage Contexts category, projects that are completed within the last 10 years are now eligible to apply. Houses, commercial and institutional buildings, historic towns and villages, archaeological heritage sites and cultural landscapes, for example, are all suitable for entry. The awards aim to encourage local people to undertake conservation projects within their communities, either independently or by seeking public-private partnerships.

The Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts is given to newly-built structures that demonstrate outstanding design, which is well-integrated into historic contexts. Submissions of completed new architecture and designs that enrich the existing heritage setting are encouraged. Building annexes, as well as new extensions, new buildings, new public spaces and new structures, such as bridges, are all eligible for consideration.

The address for submission:

Culture Unit, UNESCO Bangkok

920 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong, Bangkok

10110 Thailand

Please also notify us of your postage at: 


Tel: +662 391 0577 Ext. 509