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Partners and Networks

Culture - Partners and Networks

Join us to promote the role of culture in addressing new global challenges!

UNESCO is the leading United Nations agency with the mission of promoting education, the sciences, culture, communication and information to build peace through international cooperation.

UNESCO is articulated around a wide range of networks and partners, such as other Inter-Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, private sector, foundations, media companies as well as various networks such as the Creative Cities network.

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Why partner with UNESCO?

  • Benefit from a strong image transfer by associating yourself with a reputable international brand and a prestigious UN agency

  • Win greater visibility on the international scene

  • Gain access to UNESCO’s wide and diverse public and private networks

  • Benefit from UNESCO’s role as a neutral and multi-stakeholder broker

  • Turn your Social Responsibility into reality

  • Strengthen your brand loyalty through good corporate citizenship

  • Boost your employees’ motivation through hands-on experience in UNESCO’s activities

Many companies and foundations already partner with UNESCO such as ANA, Apple,
BASF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Fundo Vale, GEMS Education,
Intel, L’OREAL, The Mastercard Foundation, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft,
Open Society Institute, Panasonic, Petrobras, Phoenix Satellite TV, Procter&Gamble,
Rockefeller Foundation, Roche, Samsung, Shenzhen Ruby Football Club, TV Globo,
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, etc.


Get Involved

  • Finance UNESCO's activities to help achieve common development goals

  • Share your core-business expertise

  • Support UNESCO’s advocacy through your networks

  • Dedicate your staff time / second personnel to UNESCO

  • Contribute to UNESCO project activities through joint design and delivery

  • Strengthen project delivery through in-kind contributions

  • Sponsor events, conferences and anniversaries